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About Us: About

What started on Park Island, Ma Wan in 2020, was more than just a neighbourhood bakery, selling traditional German bakes like “Laugenbrezeln“ (also called German pretzels) and “Laugenbrötchen“ (Lye-baked German rolls).

It was a community of friends who first started out as neighbours or acquaintances, and whose friendship grew stronger over the last few turbulent years. In spite of our different beliefs, cultures, and professions, we were brought together by our shared love for German breads and pretzels and a deep sense of community.

Food truly has a way of bringing people together. And as our bakery business grew, so did our little community. Soon we had people from as far as Central Hong Kong, bumping into each other carrying Park Bäckerei paper bags and bonding over their children’s favourite lye-baked pastry. 

At Park Backerei, we believe that beautiful food has to be crafted with our own hands, with quality ingredients, and traditional methods. Every hour and minute spent, an expression of love and authenticity.

Fast forward to another challenging year and we found ourselves away from home again and on the shores of sunny island Singapore. A new chapter for our family and a fresh start for Park Bäckerei. We couldn't be more excited! 

So, thank you Singapore for your warm welcome. We can’t wait to share the love!

The Community Says

"Very delicious laugen brötchen. I really love the taste and texture. Taste same as in Bavaria."
- Kai

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