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Authentic German Pretzels in Tanjong Pagar

Missing the comforts of home whilst living in Park Island, Hong Kong, husband and wife team, Jane Lee Richard and German native Dennis von Berlepsch started experimenting with their own pretzel and bread recipes. A year and countless iterations later, Park Bäckerei (pronounced Park Beck-ker-rye) was born.

Upon return to Singapore the couple realised the sizable demand for fresh German pretzels and pretzel bakes. Soon decided to open their first brick-and-mortar shop in Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar in 2023, to offer artisanal pretzel treats to everyone.

Park Bäckerei specialises in Swabian pretzels, which are soft, white and fluffy on the inside with a distinct sheen on the crisp outside. Swabian pretzels are a true sign of craftsmanship, as they can only be handmade due to the notable thick belly and slender arms.

Before the bake, the pretzel dough is dipped in a lye bath, an alkaline compound that creates the glossy outside and unique authentic pretzel flavour. Scoring the centre part of the pretzel guides the skin to split during the bake which gives a peak into the interior of the knotted speciality. The baked goods are suitable for vegetarians and are sprinkled with specifically imported German pretzel salt.

Park Bäckerei pretzels are best enjoyed with one of our homemade dips, such as herby cream cheese or the Southern German cheese spread Obatzda which is a mix of aged soft cheese, beer, onions, herbs and spices. Of course, they are perfect on their own or simply with butter.

At Park Bäckerei, we believe that beautiful food has to be crafted with our own hands, with quality ingredients and traditional methods. Every hour and minute spent, an expression of love and authenticity. Our pretzels and artisanal bakes are available in-store, for delivery online and for events and corporate catering.

Visit us at our Icon Village bakery in Tanjong Pagar and taste our handmade German pretzels for yourself. Why not try one of our delicious stuffed pretzel bagels? We bake all of our bread fresh inhouse daily. So don't wait any longer and grab a warm pretzel from our Bäckerei on floor 1 of Icon Village.


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